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It’s been almost a full year since I was diagnosed with MS. That’s crazy. I’ll often have people ask me how I’m doing, so I thought I’d write about it. This is also for those of you who spend months searching and reading about MS after you’ve been diagnosed, like I did. I found personal blogs to be very informative and encouraging.

This morning I went hiking with my sister in law. It was beautiful. The water was full down the creek because of the recent rains and the waterfall an actual waterfall instead of the usual trickle. And while it was a good hike and on the outside things are fine, on the inside I was having a silent conversation with myself. My right leg felt tingly and numb, so the whole time I was conscious of it and praying that it didn’t mean anything. That it wouldn’t turn into some big flair up.

I’m tired today, probably because I’m a little out of shape and sleepy due to bouts of insomnia, and in the past I would push through it, but I’ve learned to listen to my body. So I take a couple of things off the to do list and settle in on the couch to get some work done.

The tingling has lessened. It’ll be barely noticeable in another two hours.

All good.

This is what’s it’s been like for me. I live my life. Make my plans. Do my thing, but MS is always kind of there in the background. The potential for an attack.

Thankfully I haven’t had any flair ups this year. I did struggle with some fatigue for a few months in the beginning, but I slowed down, napped, tried to lessen stress and it helped. Now I don’t experience fatigue in the same way.

I changed my diet. For those who maybe are researching if that helps. I believe it does. I do the Swank low saturated fat and have opted to remove meat and dairy as well. I eat fish, all the veggies, grains, legumes, etc… It’s a challenge when I eat out, but you can do anything when you’re disciplined about it.

The big change this month has been that I’ve started on some medication as well. After the strong encouragement and recommendation from my neurologist, I decided to take Tecfidera, one of the recent pills on the market. I had one day of flushing as far as side effects go, but nothing after that. So that’s been wonderful. My reason for the change is that I want to be doing everything I can to beat this, feel good and lessen chance of disability later on. I have no idea what the course of my MS is going to take, but I do know that what I’m doing now will effect that.

I don’t like the idea of taking medication because it makes me feel like I’m sick. But I have challenged my own thinking about this and see it more like the vitamins I already take like vitamin D and such. I’m just adding a blue capsule to the mix.

Since I don’t feel too differently, it’s hard for me to understand that I have this condition? this disease?, except for on mornings like today when the numbness is there. Fear creeps in and I’ll indulge it for a bit. My mind follows the familiar trail, but I stop it before I’m entangled in it.

And then I take a deep breath, pray and keep moving. It’s all I know to do.


  1. Carrie, thank you for blogging about this to keep us informed. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, it doesn’t feel like it. I am thinking this diet sounds healthy all around and am now going to look it up.
    It makes me happy to hear how you’re taking such good care of yourself… and it’s inspiring. xo

  2. Carrie,

    You are on my mind a LOT. I pray for you as well as have you on a couple of prayer chains. I know He is our ultimate healer and provider of strength as you well know. I applaud your wise choices , research and resolve. You are loved and are not alone. Ever


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